SuperBiller recruiters™

Accredited recruiters for 50% of the cost

Quickly expand your recruitment team without the hidden costs of internal hiring in your jurisdiction.

Accredited recruiters will operate under your brand, managed under the guidance of our management team, but reporting directly to you. Your outsourced recruiter(s) will be equipped to hit the ground running, with little time and cost to you – saving £10,000’s of hidden recruiter costs.

Slashing the hidden costs of hiring recruiters

The typical cost of an experienced recruiter per month is £6,500 (in the UK), as opposed to a hiring a managed, experienced SuperBiller recruiter at the cost of £2,500 per month, taking into account the following hidden costs of employing recruiters.

Example savings based on £40,000 recruiter salary

Hidden costs Based on £40K salary SuperBiller Recruiter
Share of office space
Equipment & Tech
National insurance (employer)
Pension contribution
Training & onboarding
R2R fee
Holiday pay*
Sick pay**
Company perks
HR processes
Significant time-to-hire
Total cost



* Based on 25 days UK / 15 days South Africa

** Based on 5 days sick

The overall cost of hiring a recruiter

Based on £40K salary

True recruiter cost

Cost of hiring with SuperBiller

Based on £30K all-in cost

Superbiller recruiter cost

Find out how much you can save when recruiting recruiters

Outsource your internal recruitment with confidence

  • Remove hidden costs

  • Reduce time-to-hire

  • Managed office environment

  • Trained to the highest standards

  • Call reports and recordings provided

  • Dedicated to your business