Employee Engagement Platform

Data Analytics That Make Your Team More Productive And More Profitable

Use a powerful and cost-effective Employee Engagement Platform designed for small-to-medium enterprises to gain hidden insight into the reasons why some of your staff do not ‘go the extra mile’ or do not ‘give discretionary extra effort’.

The insight you’ll gain from your quarterly report not only includes anonymous grumbles from employees that you can fix but also extracts ideas from employees that help improve your business at every level. You’ll soon find that the quarterly ‘percentage engaged’ report becomes a crucial part of business improvement within your recruitment company.

The platform provides an easy-to-use framework to turn insights from your employees into actions to drive incremental profitability and success. Over 90% of organizations achieve engagement within the first year.

  • Identify engagement issues in your business and fix them

  • Anonymous surveys driven by Action Planner

  • Make incremental changes to your organisation almost immediately

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Engagement Survey Platform (Up to 20 Users)


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