Vacancy Identification

Hyper-Targeted Billing Opportunties for Recruiters

This software multiplies placements numbers for recruitment companies by seamlessly sourcing additional vacancies that are similar to the ones your staff are already working on – for which you already have suitable candidates for.

In addition, the software increases CV-To-Interview conversion rates by formatting CVs in the most powerful way for your business. In-built machine learning can also transfer the best CV-To-Interview traits of your top performers to your other staff.

With seamless ATS integration, roles are matched and shortlisted for your team, creating real-time, hyper-targeted business development opportunities.
The software also automatically adds the leads to your ATS and connects you with the sales target on LinkedIn.

  • Grow your client base: Uncover who to speak to, when to reach out and what to say

  • Increase Submission Volume: Submit shortlists created for one role to multiple clients

  • Supercharge your Network: Automatically connect to customers via LinkedIn, at the right time

  • Empower your Team: Focus your Recruiters on the client targets that are most likely to generate billings

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