Recii | New business from Candidates

Identify Fresh Vacancies Through Conversational AI

Integrate this powerful AI technology into your candidate screening, regeneration of your candidate database or directly into job advertisements to capture browsers instantly and pre-qualify them in real time. Create fully customised conversations with candidates that can include asking where they have recently interviewed via your competitors.

Uncover candidates on your database that have found their own job and are now employers and seamlessly send this information to your CRM.

The technology can pre-qualify candidates for any role through voice, WhatsApp, text and webchat. You can also use it to source fresh candidates by regenerating a minimum of 3% of your candidate database automatically with up-to-date CVs, employment status and contact details.

  • Identify new business opportunities at scale via candidate screening

  • Turn lapsed candidates into new clients

  • Integrate AI screening into job board advertisements (not all job boards)

  • Regenerate your candidate database and make more placements

  • API available into your CRM

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