Network Expander

Expand Your Network and Create Sales Opportunities

Fully managed introductions to 3000 new prospective Clients or Candidates every month with personalised LinkedIn Connection requests and follow up messages tailored to your business.

Back-up and export of your existing LinkedIn Connections with contact details.

Expand your network to generate warm leads for your Recruiters to convert into sales opportunities.

  • Up to 3000 connection requests sent per month per LinkedIn Licence

  • Follow-up messages to new connections as well as 1st degree connections

  • All messages are personalised to your specific target requests eg. job title, company name and more

  • Work with an expert to formulate high performing messages to maximise acceptance and response rates

  • Monthly removal of unaccepted connection requests to protect your LinkedIn accounts

Super Savings on your Super Network

3000 Connections requests / Follow-up messages

£250 per month
£225 per month

Optional mobile number sourcing service

£3 per number
£2 per number

Optional client survey to generate leads

£99 per month
£75 per month

One-off set-up fee