OCTA | Instant Candidate Contact

Contact 100s Of Candidates In Seconds By Phone And Text

We all know recruitment and staffing are fundamental to the success of any business – you are your people and your brand.

This simple digital platform provides vast operational savings through digitising the heavy lifting of your resourcing, and at the same time, ensures you truly manage your employer brand. The digital resourcing platform means you connect to the best jobseekers faster than ever – calling and messaging 100s of people in seconds and connecting you instantly to interested candidates.

You can also better manage the high volume of unsuccessful candidates we are all seeing now – with one single call or message.

We can build user journeys and talent funnels specific to your business and help ensure you make great hires, always securing the right talent for your business (or your customers), if you want we can simply API into your existing ATS, Talent Pools or CRM.

We also enable you to protect and build your employer or agency brand, delivering an amazing jobseeker experience – even turning unsuccessful jobseekers into brand advocates and customers.

You can even use the platform as a Workforce Management Tool – schedule activity, assign tasks, close the loop on work performance and ensure employee wellbeing.

  • Beat your competitors to the best talent

  • Call, send text and/or content to 100s of candidates in seconds

  • Particularly powerful for temp/contract recruiters

  • Create incredible jobseeker engagement

  • Fill more roles quicker than ever

  • Save vast amounts of time and money

The Best Prices For SuperBiller Members

Super Savings on Super Contacts

50 Bundle (Calls & Texts)

£50 + £5 Free

100 Bundle (Calls & Texts)

£100 + £15 Free

150 Bundle (Calls & Texts)

£150 + £30 Free

300 Bundle (Calls & Texts)

£300 + £75 Free

500 Bundle (Calls & Texts)

£500 + £150 Free

1000 Bundle (Calls & Texts)

£1000 + £400 Free

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